Grandma’s Potato Latkes

// Published February 19, 2016 by alichtner


This recipe serves 2:

One large potato  (Squeeze out as much liquid as possible.)

one large egg




Mix together and fry in oil.  You don’t have to add oil to the mixture because it will absorb a lot of oil in the frying.  Then I put on paper towel to drain.  That keeps it from being greasy.


Serve with cold sour cream.   Usually makes 4 nice big latkes.  3 for Eugene and 1 for me.



However, when you make latkes it is different.  You want the latkes to be nice and golden, not dark.  When Eugene gets a desire for a latke, I take one nice potato and grate it.  But I drain off the starch.  The starch is what darkens so rapidly and it splatters all over.  Then I add one egg and a little salt.  Tasting is good, also for the kugel.  Mix the grated drained potato, the egg and a little salt and make the latkes in a frying pan and heated oil.  Fry until golden.  It will make about 4 latkes or 3 depending on how big you like your latkes.  You don’t need to add oil to this as it will pick up plenty of oil while frying.  In fact, I usually put them on a paper towel to drain off some of the oil.  Then you can serve with sour cream or apple sauce or both as you like it.






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